Best Care for Erectile Dysfunction

Best Care for Erectile Dysfunction


This website,, is built to help the men and their family to improve sexual dissatisfaction from mental and/or physical causes and restore sexual relationship in the best possible way – yet most reasonable and realistic. As a result, they can get the care suiting what they need as well as what they like according to currently available knowledge, concept, technology, and practice in medicine – urology.

In order to reach such desired ways of care, we – patients, their families, insurance companies, and medical providers – have to explore, realize, and accept the currently available truth and facts about the causes and availability and affordability of care options with a full openness and transparency. Without such a realistic understanding, an argument will always exist with a persistent debate leading to an endless personal and social chaos.

To pave a way to achieve the most reasonable best possible care, I would invite you to review the following topics from which you gain much insight on how to work well with your attending doctors so to reach this goal of medical care as follows:

1. What Should You Do When You Feel and Become Sick?
This article explains how to prepare yourselves for seeing and interacting with your doctors so to reach right diagnosis for right care.

2. What are The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?
Here the causes which are possibly responsible for your current dissatisfaction are elaborated. Then together with your doctors, you will understand and realize what could be done for you – with medication or procedure.

3. How to Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction?
This article can guide you on how to work with your doctors closer and better than ever. This step of confirming right diagnosis will help you avoid unnecessary testing and its related anxiety, fear, and even cost.

4. What are the Most Logical Steps to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?
After the learning from the above, you can ask, interact wisely to map out the right course of care to fit what you need as well as what you like, as aforesaid, in a most reasonably best possible fashion – though never be perfect since, in life, perfection would and will never be, but perfecting should be.

5. High-quality Healthy Lifestyle as the Core Foundation of All Health Care
Known to our common sense, sex with sexual intercourse is a process heavily draining our mental and physical energy. This article explains why high-quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession is essential for sex and everything we do in life.

6. What are the Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction?
Myth of Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Interactions between Herbs and Medications
Demystify Secrets of Foods for Sex
Before taking prescribed drugs, all men and their partners with sexual dissatisfaction should consider the best possible application of behavioral modification and supplements as needed, which are described in this article so to optimize your energy and ability to perform as explained in 5. as “High-quality Healthy Lifestyle as the Core Foundation of All Health Care”.

For many people, natural remedies for erectile dysfunction are valued as almost as miracles. To demystify the related issues on natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, I discussed and summarized their realistic application for general health and sexual function as well.

Besides, to elevate the safer use of natural remedies, potential adverse interaction between herbs and medications is also discussed so you may take precaution to optimize the potential benefits from taking natural remedies.

To help you understand and sort out what foods may help sex life as touted online, the article on “Demystify Secrets of Foods for Sex is written for your review as reference.

7. When and How to Take Medications for Erectile Dysfunction?

After getting reasonable ideas on what, why, and how to manage sexual dissatisfaction from various causes, we come to the step of taking medication for erectile dysfunction. In this article, I explain and reveal what drugs are available and how to use them so you can use them effectively with safety.

8. Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction
In care for sexual dissatisfaction of men, oftentimes, patients and doctors resort to using male hormonal supplements especially before the introductions of Viagra in 1998. However, over the past 5-10 years, the conflicting information on how and what to use male hormone (testosterone) has mounted. To assist revealing the reality of its use, this articles is written for review and reference. Then you may use it as needed with better safety and confidence.

9. How To Use Penis Pump for Erectile Dysfunction?
After failing to achieve a good effect to help restore erection with behavioral modification, natural remedies, prescribed drugs including testosterone for few, we need to move to the next step for assisted erection with penile pump, and its safe use is described herein for your review and reference.

10. When Do Men Need Penile Implant Surgery?
Now, we come to the last resort of care for erectile dysfunction with implanting penile prosthesis; its indication, selection, and procedures are described here.
11. Some common concerns on sex life like premature ejaculation, the matter on the size of penis, how often I can have sex are also discussed for your convenience and understanding as follows:

  • 3 Most Practical Steps to Correct Premature EjaculationThis article depicts the reality and the care of premature ejaculation.
  • Mystery of Penile SizeWhat is the real matters on the size of the penis? This subject has been widely concerned and discussed throughout human history. Hence, this article is written to best ease some men’s possible concern on the size of the penis.
  • How Often Can You Have Sex? – Not infrequently, the concerns on how often a couple should or can have sex are brought up for discussion in counseling. To realistically clarify the potentially related matters of this concern, this article is presented for your reference so to realistically enjoy your intimacy.

12. Book: Perfect Sex for men and for the women who love them – This book is written by Doctor Lin to supplement almost related issues as listed above – 1. to 11. Sections, which could be your handy reference at home or on the bedside.

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