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Perfect Sex for men…

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“At my age 78, I could not believe I took his words of wisdom and changed my life. Now I quit smoking and threw away my 5-year 24/7 nasal use of oxygen tube for good….”, P Smith of Roanoke, Virginia.

“…just after two sessions of counseling, I have conversed with my wife much easier and better and enjoyed smiling and gardening together more than ever. I am happy…”, J. Brown of Flint, Michigan.

“Thank you so much for having done such a wonderful surgery for my deadly kidney disease. I have followed your advice and stopped smoking since before surgery. Now, I breathe well and feel better. Do you know what? My sister, two daughters and two aunts all quit smoking after I explained what you told me about life: it is just like a family revolution against smoking.”, W. Field of Roanoke, Virginia.


Key facts and features – its effectiveness and benefits for you

  • published in 1998; ISBN is 1-882792-51-3; authored by Chin-Ti Lin, M.D., certified urologist and award-winning author.
  • written to meet the demands of patients and the public – see “Why was Perfect Sex written?” below.
  • reading its contents will benefit anyone with how to enjoy sex life to its highest level of personal gratification, in turn, forging social harmony, become more knowledgeable than most of your peers on how to handle sex life dissatisfaction and  ED-related issues and treatment in the best possible way.
  • a book to read at the bedside or any leisure time at home as a best possible companion for anyone dismayed with sex life, especially with erectile dysfunction – ED.
  • the Table of Contents is as below.
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Why was Perfect Sex written?

I do not want to use the word, PERFECT, to hook you but to assert my most honest intention to address the reality of sex life in attesting: In life and medicine, perfection would and will never be, but perfecting should be. Likewise, people love to hear someone or something can cure you and make you like a man at his 20-30s. In reality, it has been never true in attesting:

  • Life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation.
  • Doctors have never cured anything for anyone, but just help some reasonable patients to understand and modify something to some degree with/without medication and/or surgery/procedure at a reasonable time in a reasonable way.
  • Life is a constantly changing, adjusting dynamic process of struggle to cope with reality, certainty, and uncertainty of daily living for survival, growth, and continuation from inception to eternity.
  • In reality, life is a process of self-service – more appropriately Direct Self-service.
  • It is nothing wrong to be self-serving for what you like, love, want, and need as long as what you get to meet what you like, love, want, and need is not through manipulating others’ ignorance, fear, anxiety, and greed under the disguise of power and deception of hidden agenda.
  • Technically, life is a process of managing a long list of relationships, which first starts out from the relationship of you with your own self, and from which you gain and secure sufficient energy and ability to extend and handle other relationships which could be you with your immediate, intermediate, or distant families, relatives, friends, co-workers, organizations, society, nation, and the world. Your success or failure in managing these relationships will decide if you will be happy or not.
  • Engaging a relationship is to achieve a higher level of self-service, which you could not accomplish it if you live alone.
  • Healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession is the core foundation of all health / medical care

While counseling my patients and their family for erectile dysfunction (ED) or unhappy in marriage, I present, discuss, and elaborate the causes, diagnosis, treatment for erectile dysfunction and marriage with stressing life reality as partly elaborated. They always nodded their heads and said,

  • “I (We) agreed and wished more doctors like you to tell me (us) what you just explained….” and added,
  • “Doctor Lin, where did you learn all of these.”
  • “Why have I never heard these? …”

I then usually replied, “Because you have never come to see me.” And they almost always laughed and said, “Thank you very much for telling all of these.”

But, occasionally, a patient expressed his defiance with shoulder shrugging and disappointed. Do you know why? He just wanted to hear what he liked to hear but hesitate or even refuse to hear what he needed to hear. That is not his fault because nowadays many of us fall victim to sweet talk, sympathy, distorted commercialism, information over-flooding, and information misunderstanding. Subsequently, he has a wide disparity between life reality and expectation.

Now, you probably can figure out why I wrote this book – Perfect Sex for men and for the women who love them. Because I want to help more people on a larger scale than one by one in the office setting.

So, this book was written and dedicated to all men and their families who are in seeking the most realistic yet best possible care for their concerns about erectile dysfunction and sexuality. And they may read the book in their leisure time at home so to solve whatever they may have in ED, sex life, and marriage.


Book Reviews

Top customer reviews

Table of Contents

My Mission as Urologist Writer

Part I        General Consideration of Sex Life
1.        Values of Sex Life

  • Primitive Value of Sex Life
  • Traditional Value of Sex Life
  • Contemporary Value of Sex Life – a Call for Justice and Respect

2.       Social Impact of Sex Life
3.        Recognition and Re-positioning of the Importance of Sex Life

Part II         A Brief on Anatomy and Function of Genital Tract of Males and Females
4.       Origin of Sexual Organs
5.       Structure and Function of the Penis
6.       Comparison between Male and Female Sexual Organs

Part III        The Road to Perfect Sex
7.        What is Perfect Sex? – Three Analogies
8.        Simplified Dynamics of Sexual Performance
9.        Phases of Perfect Sex

  • Indirect Foreplay
  • Direct Foreplay
  • Sexual intercourse, Orgasm, and Ejaculation
  • Resolution and Recovery

10.      Principles to Reach Perfect Sex

  •  With Whom to Have Sex?
  •  When to Have Sex?
  •  Where to Have Sex?
  •  A Mutual Respect for Sexual Partner & How to Act and Have Perfect Sex in Your Life.
  • Safe Sex – a Precaution against Sexually Transmitted Diseases

11.     A Contemporary Case Study
12.     Secrets of Obtaining a Perfect Sex Life
13.     Artistic View of Sex Life

Part IV        Sexual Difficulties in Men
14.    Basic Requirements for a Good Sexual Performance
15.    What are Sexual Difficulties in Men
16.   Erectile Difficulties as the Main Issue
17.   Common Causes for Sexual Difficulties in Men
18.   Evaluation of Sexual Difficulties in Men
19.   Treatment Options for Male Sexual Difficulties

  • Level 0         Expectant Treatment (or No Treatment)
  • Level 1:        Basic Sex counseling
  • Level 2:        Medications by Mouth or by Local Penile Injection
  • Level 3:        Assisted Erection with Vacuum Constriction Device
  • Level 4:        Implantation of Penile Prosthesis – the Last Resort

20.   A Few Words on Nutrition, “Accessories”, and Sex
21.   Reassessment of the Effects of Treatment
22.   A Few Words of Caution Against Overuse and Abuse of Devices or Medications
23.   Disorders of Sexual Desire (Libido)
24.   Disorders of Ejaculation and Orgasm
25.   A Summary of Causes and Treatment Options for Male Sexual Difficulties

Part V       A Brief on Potential Sexual Perversions
26.   What are Abnormal Sexual Behaviors?
27.   What is the Social Implication of Abnormal Sexual Behaviors

Part VI        Conclusion and General Advice
28.   Conclusion on Perfect Sex
29.   General Advice for Realistic, Safe Sex Life


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