Book: What Is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life

What Is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life


Why did Dr. Lin write this book?

Everyday many people are wondering, pondering, asking, and trying to figure out:

  • what is life?
  • what is the meaning of life?
  • what is the purpose of life?
  • what is life for?

These questions come and emerge oftentimes while people are in pain from getting lost, and disturb many people’s life at personal, social, national, and international levels. The manifestation of these life stress and dismays widely varies reflecting cultural and circumstantial difference.  The more disturbed people are, the more often they pose this kind of questions but in many different ways if the answers to question are not exactly fit what they want to hear – though surely being what they need to hear. So, I decided to address these recurrent inquiries in a logical manner based on personal and professional lifelong experience.

As a physician, I have had the opportunities to observe the said life reality and its related scenarios of chaos in various walks of life from interacting with many patients and their families who are under the attack of many unwanted mental and/or physical anguish.

The constant bombardment by these pressuring scenarios led me to think and ponder how I can do better and more for the people in the world beyond the traditional professional power from prescribing medications and/or performing procedures. Slowly the thought and insight to ease and even solve this personal and social chaos emerge, evolve, and become reaching a high level of clarity. As a result, over time, I become more abler to explain what and how they might have felt that way and how we can help solve these imminent pain and discomfort to make their life better and easier than ever.

Then, I began writing “What is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life” with its completion in 3 years.

This book was published in April 2011 and has earned two awards in Indie Book Competition: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – 2011 Winner in the Category of How-To and a finalist for Eric Hoffer Award 2011. This book is printed by CreateSpace, an Company.  To purchase, click What is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life

  • An award-winning book – two awards
  • Published in April 2011 and earned two awards in competition
  • Disclose the rarely heard concept, tips, and practice for living a long happy  life
  • Install an entirely different outlook for the rest of your life
  • Price: Paperback –  $14.99; digital Kindle Edition – $7.00 – for auto-wireless delivery. 
  • To purchase, click The Book – What is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life 





Pinnacle Book Achievement Award 2011


What is the scoop in What is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life?

As reviewed by New Yor Times best-selling author, Ellen Tanner Marsh, she revealed and elaborated the following:

How can we make the best use of our limited time on earth and find true fulfillment?Author James C. Lin, M.D., a doctor of urology, knows that life is more complex and complicated than ever before, but he also knows that there are new pathways t a better way of living.

Using real-life scenarios and personal anecdotes, Lin examines how a more rewarding and satisfying existence can be easily achieved. Part tour guide and part cheerleader, Lin shows readers how they can be more in control of their destinies by setting themselves on the road to getting what they really desire.

Overcoming barriers against self-improvement is easier than you think, insists Lin. He suggests that anyone can feel better, live longer and truly understand the purpose of life. By simply reconnecting to the information that is buried inside all of us. Lin also explores why a sense of need is the driving force of living and why it can actually be beneficial in life to feel miserable at times. He shows how to develop your own personalized skill for getting along in life, much to the benefit of yourself, your family and the world at large. From health care to parenting to marriage and to work, LIN addresses all aspects of human life. And suggests that perfection is not the answer to happiness, but learning to perfect is.

Anyone can return to the driver’s seat of his or her own life, and Lin’s wise and warmly written book can act as an invaluable roadmap.

Table of Contents

1.        Introduction
1.1     Overcome the Worst Barrier against Improvement – Importance of Recognizing the Truth and Facts of Life
1.2     Understand the Purpose of Life – to Live as Well and to Last as Long as Possible
1.3     How Can We Look Nicer, Feel Better, and Live Longer
1.4     Understand the True Nature of Life and Living – a Process of Self-Service

2.        Facts of Life

2.1     A Constant Path of Life
2.2     Capital of Life – Life as an Investment
2.3     Tools of Life
2.4     Sense of Need is the Driving Force of Living
2.5     Truth of an Act – An Act is the Expression of Momentary and Situational Balance of One’s Spiritual and Physical Values toward an Event to Achieve Comfort and Control of Life
2.6      No Free Service; Any Service always Comes with Its Price
2.7     Two Persons Were Never Born Equal, But We Have an Equal Opportunity to Use What We Already Have Inside Us
2.8      No One is Perfect; Everyone Has His/her Share of Good or Bad Features
2.9      Total Entitlement and Human Dignity
2.10    What Goes Around and Comes Around
2.11    Nothing Wrong to be Unhappy at Times
2.12    Seventy Percent (70%) of Success Comes From Hard Work and Thirty Percent (30%) Comes from Fate
2.13    Sympathy and Hypocrisy
2.14    Everything has Its Beginning and Ending
2.15    Three Basic Essential Ingredients for Completing a Task – Spiritual and Physical Values, Abilities, Capacities, and Time
2.16    Human Error Is the Most Common Cause of Accidents
2.17    Losing Common Sense
2.18    Impact of White Lies
2.19    Sophistication and Hypocrisy
2.20    A Disease is the Ending Result and Expression of Genetic Strength and External Insult to the Body
2.21    The Spirit and Practice of Life of a Group or Society Are Merely the Accumulation of its Participating members
2.22    An Action Always Follows with its Reaction – to Serve and to Be Served Are a Pair of Simultaneous Events
2.23    Is an Invisible Private Sanctuary Good or Bad?
2.24    Use It or Lose It
2.25    Kindness and Generosity Have Never Really Existed
2.26    What Is the True Essence of Democracy?
2.27    Dependency and Slavery  – Are You under Their Control?
2.28    Rights and Obligations
2.29    Courtesy, Convenience, Misuse, Abuse, and Corruption
2.30    Self-Service and Religious Belief
2.31    Reality of Sex Life
2.32    Recreation and Self-Preservation vs. Self-Infliction and Self-Destruction
2.33    Consumerism and Commercialism
2.34    An Urgent Need to Explore Invisible Natural Resources

3.        Application of the Facts of Life

3.1      For You as an Individual and Your Life — General Attitude
3.2      For You and Health Care
3.3      For Marriage
3.4      For Newborns and Their Parents
3.5      For a Company and Its Employees
3.6      For You and Your Country – Are You Patriotic?
3.7      For You and the World
3.8      A Dream Proposal for All and to Parents, Educators, Researchers of Social Science, Medical Science, Health Care

4.        Conclusion

Top customer reviews

on April 26, 2012
Format: Paperback
This is a truly great book on a hard subject we are all faced with…what is life. I really enjoyed this book because it reminded me of the things I already know in life but always seem to forget, to live simply but fully. Throughout the book it challenged me to approach life in a realistic way. To never forget that life is not perfect and neither am I. I also enjoyed it because it outlined and reminded me to sort what is necessary for life and what is optional and that taught me that optional things should not stand in the way of our life and our happiness.
on May 3, 2012
Format: Paperback
In a world that complicates the truth, Dr. Lin offers simple advice on how to live a happy life. His wisdom comes from a life of introspection and insight into human nature from his experience as a physician. By committing to the truths outlined in Dr. Lin’s book, you will experience more happiness and peace in your life.
on February 21, 2011
Format: Paperback
If you are looking for practical and straight-forward encouragement, then look no further than here. In this book, Dr. Lin provides wisdom that can be applied to any aspect of your life. A very delightful and fun read.

Author’s Note – Dedication

This book is dedicated to all humans who have ever existed so to explore how together we can make the life in the world better suitable for all to live and experience what is life? Despite its earning two awards, Dr. Lin has never promoted its values until his recent retirement. From now on, Dr. Lin will continue to assert his passion by providing online services to better our life.

If you like what you see and read,  please kindly leave your positive comments so to help promote the words to help more people faster. That is the best compliment I could ask and dream for. I deeply appreciate that.

Best wish to your health, happiness, and success in life,

James Chin-Ti Lin, m.D., Certified Urologist and Award-winning Author

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3 thoughts on “Book: What Is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life

  1. James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. Post author

    This award-winning book clearly defines the indisputable goal of life – to look nicer, feel batter, and live longer, and explore, in the most realistic way, how to achieve this common goal of life that we all deserve. So, reading and understanding its content could be a life-changing moment… and well worth every second and every penny.

  2. Amanuel B ABRAHAM

    Hi dear Dr. Lin
    I really love & appriaciate your works becouse they inspire me, “how can some one live a healthy and long life” wow this is a big issue of years that everyone love to have it in his life ! I wish i be able to participate your seminars, but as we eachother live a little bit far it is impossible for the moment but with the power of internet we are alway very near to each other so we can share our works online , may be we will meet one day and share these precious works who knows!!! but for the moment i love to purchase that book if you have it “how can some one live a long life”
    Trust me your works are so helpfull that helps the society, i belive that you got more precious works for the future and can’t wait to read them & thank you for sharing us and keep doing the good work.
    God bless you more & more by wisdom and understandings.

    1. James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. Post author

      Hi! Amanuel,
      I would like to apologize for not replying your comment earlier. Your comments are valuable for others to know; so, together, we can help more people in the world live a long happy life. More details on What is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life? Go to, where you may purchase it in digital and paperback formats. Oh! By the way, today, I just posted e-Wellness Newsleter – 4 on Quality of Life (QOL) on You are welcome to comment and suggest so I can write better in the future.

      In addition, if you have any questions pertaining to life in general and urology in specific, please do not hesitate to contact me and I can help – of course, FREE to you.

      All the best to health and success,

      James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.
      Certified urologist, award-winning author, and founder of,, and


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